The investment includes the dredging of sediments from the channel carried out by Empresa Moçambicana de Dragagem (EMODRAGA). tons per year, has a 230-meter long pier and occupies an area of ​​48,000 square meters, of which 31,000 square meters are open storage area and 5,417 square meters are covered. , is made by a perfectly marked channel and allows full navigation due to the lighting system installed along the route. The fact was announced by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CFM, Miguel Matabele, in a conference held this Thursday promotion and promotion of that infrastructure. The reopening of the Port of Quelimane results from the most recent dredging, financed by CFM. he said it is crucial to give greater strength to this rail-port infrastructure through an increase in cargo volumes to make it increasingly attractive and competitive. He recommended the Provincial Business Council to list all projections of cargo volumes available for technical screening to set a more affordable tariff. The PCA sensitized shipping agents and other stakeholders to strengthen partnerships with their counterparts on the conditions available to receive general cargo ships, tanks (tanks) and barges with a capacity up to 20 thousand tons and 150 meters in length.

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