CFM is investing 68.4 million US dollars to acquire 10 locomotives and 420 wagons. The railway means will be used to transport cargo on the Maputo-Ressano Garcia line. Due to the growing demand for cargo transport on the Maputo-Ressano Garcia line, the company Portos e Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique announced new investments. The PCA of the CFM , Agostinho Langa Júnior, explains that this demand is from countries such as South Africa, Eswatini, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia, hence the ongoing investments.”Still within the same scope, we are acquiring rolling stock for the Ressano Garcia Line, which consists of in 10 locomotives and 420 wagons, of which 300 are high-sided, for the transport of minerals and 120 tanktainers, for fuel, at a total cost of USD 68.4 million”. According to Agostinho Langa Júnior, in the last five years investments were made. 910.3 million dollars in the modernization of the country’s railway sector.” That is why, in fulfilling its role of boosting the sector to make it modern, efficient, competitive and market-oriented, the CFM has invested, over the last 5 years, more than USD 910.3 million, in infrastructure and equipment, in line with the development of the Ports of Maputo, Beira, Nacala and Pemba, with emphasis on the Port of Nacala; the Machipanda Lines; Sena and Ressano Garcia and various railway and port equipment.”CFM are the largest shareholders in the Port of Maputo with 49 percent.Source:O País

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