A study carried out by the non-governmental organization, Nitidae, shows that the cashew processing sector in Mozambique produces 70 percent and uses 30 percent of its shell. its reuse, the study carried out in Nampula sought to show the various ways of boosting the country’s economy, transforming cashew shells into fuel. As a result, it was seen that cashew oil has the same calorific value as firewood and It is an economic potential for the country. The results of the study were presented this Tuesday, in Maputo, at the workshop on improving the competitiveness and sustainability of cashew processing in Mozambique, through the energy recovery of cashew shell by-products. representative of the European Union, Jean-Baptiste said that the sale of cashew shells to other companies is sustainable. Meanwhile, the person in charge of Energy Projects at Nitidae, Julia Artigos, said that the use of the shell is integral and can be absorbed by the Mozambican market. This project, started in January last year, was implemented in Nampula and aims to generate income in rural areas, create economic opportunities and increase the competitiveness and value chain of cashew in Mozambique. (RM)Source:Rádio Moçambique Online

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