Most family cashew nut producers in Nangade district, a major producer of cashew nuts in Cabo Delgado province, regret the fact that they did not sell the product in the current campaign, for not having treated the cashew trees, as a result of frequent terrorist attacks. Terrorist attacks forced family sector producers to abandon their homes and fields. Incidentally, the few producers who managed to sell cashew nuts in areas close to the main town complain about the purchase price, which is below the official stipulated by the authorities. A producer told “Carta” that those who managed to treat their cashew trees and are already harvesting are not satisfied due to the low price, which is around 30 meticais per kilo, against 37 meticais announced by the government. Even worse is the lack of an alternative, because, due to security issues, producers cannot take the nut to the neighboring Republic of Tanzania. It should be noted that part of the cashew nuts that were produced in the districts of Nangade, Palma and Mueda, was sold to Tanzania due to the attractive prices practiced in that country, but the terrorist attacks cut this route. Last week, at the launch of the cashew nut marketing campaign in Meconta district, Nampula province, the deputy minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Olegário Banze, said that in the current season 2022/23 150,000 tons will be sold against 146,000 in the previous campaign, a growth of only 3 percent. (Letter) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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