The 17th book by Carlos dos Santos is now available in bookstores. Stories from another world was published under the auspices of Alcance Editores. Stories from another world is the title of the new science fiction book by Carlos dos Santos, available in bookstores since this month. Edited by Alcance Editores, the 17th work of the writer has 112 A3 pages and contains a set of eight narratives that emphasize the fantastic and science fiction. and O echo das Sombras, now, Carlos dos Santos publishes Histórias do another mundo, with narratives that “explore psychic factors that unconsciously delineate the daily life of each one of us, discussing in a playful and fun way through dreams and illusions engendered by our perception and our imagination, by our beliefs and our fears, which, in our daily lives, make us see, hear and feel a world of our own, fictional, but which is completely real for those who live it” , reads a press release. Among the narratives that make up Carlos dos Santos’ most recent book are “The bird that wanted to be a tree”, “The illusionist”, “Hidden in the light”, “Mundos Cruzados”, “Insomnia” and “Illusion in cash”. And by the way of illusion, in Stories from another world there are trees that fly, the press release adds, aliens visiting planet Earth and traveling between parallel worlds, in a Universe pulsating with life, in which reality and fiction intertwine in such a narrow way that the boundaries between them are completely blurred.Carlos dos Santos is publishing his 17th book already thinking of launching two more children and youth this year, namely, O mirror of the sky and Os painters of dreams. Other books by the author In addition to Histories from the Other World, Carlos dos Santos has published didactic and technical books: Animal Breeding, Animal Diseases and Corrals (2009), Ethics Booklet (2011) and Exploration Guide for Teachers and Parents (2014). Dos Santos is also the author of the following books on children’s literature: The Council (2007), The Fruits of Friendship (2008), The Colors of Friendship (2011), A Walk in the Sky (2012), The World and More Me ( 2013), The Bone Hunter (2013, considered ‘Highly recommendable’ in Brazil), The Curiosity Animal (2014), The Species Walk (2015), The Letter Shepherds (2016) and In the wake of the stars (2018) . Source: O País

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