Two (2) terrorists were killed last week (on the 17th and 18th) by Local Forces, when the insurgents attacked the communities of Nanua A, which is about 7 kilometers from headquarters of the district of Ancuabe and Mopanha, along the N380 road that connects the town of Salaué (Silva Macua) to that of Oasse (Mocímboa da Praia). In Nanua A village, terrorists  looted property and destroyed infrastructure, forcing the population to flee to the district headquarters. Apparently, the terrorists did not intend to kill civilians, but rather to seize food products. In a telephone interview with Zumbo FM, the Secretary of the Mopuanha village, Matares Abudo, confirmed the attack, carried out by at least 50 men, between 6pm and 7pm. In a publication on Saturday night, Islamic State propaganda outlets claimed responsibility for the attack and, without mentioning the casualties suffered, claimed to have burned classrooms and a church. “For example in Mopuanha, they didn’t kill, but they captured three women and left them in their homes, while many people were in the bush. They stole a lot of things from the tents like rice, flour and soft drinks”, said Mouzinho António, who received some displaced people at his home in Ancuabe-sede. Another source said that the “mababus” destroyed significant quantities of cigarettes and dumped many alcoholic drinks that were for sale in commercial establishments. (Letter) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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