“Despite the recovery of the military initiative on the part of the Mozambican Defense and Security Forces and their allies, situations of insecurity on the ground continue to persist”, reads published by the non-governmental organization (NGO) consulted yesterday by Lusa. The publication is the result of a survey based on interviews and surveys that covered 473 displaced families in the resettlement centers located in Cabo Delgado and in Nampula, a neighboring province. NGOs, despite the positive results in the operations that have been carried out by government forces, with the support of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the situation of insecurity prevails, in addition to poverty.”Despite the stabilization of conditions and the emergence of some economic initiatives, a large part of this population remains undercapitalized, deprived of access to land for production and dependent on supply of food aid”, the publication adds. On the other hand, according to the Observatório do Meio Rural, population densification in the south of the province, where most displaced people fled, increased an alleged competition for access to land and other resources, which can generate conflicts.”Populations tend to return to areas closer to their places of origin, but concentrating in district headquarters or in more densely populated villages, residing in areas that are not theirs and exploring agricultural land available nearby, with or without the knowledge of the respective owners. In these circumstances, conflicts over land are inevitable”, adds the NGO. “The reality is that the early return of populations could make them vulnerable to attacks by insurgents. The emergence of stores and the concentration of food reserves, as well as the connivance of sectors of the population with insurgents, providing information, will transform isolated villages into targets for looting”, refers in the document. The province of Cabo Delgado is rich in natural gas. , but terrorized since 2017 by armed rebels, with some attacks claimed by the extremist group ISIS. record of ACLED conflicts.Since July 2021, an offensive by government troops with the support of Rwanda, which was later joined by SADC, allowed the recovery of areas where there was a presence of rebels, but their escape has provoked new attacks in other districts used as a passage or temporary refuge.

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