Three (3) people, all male, were fatally attacked by buffaloes, in the villages of Natocua and Nanguwo, Saláue, district of Ancuabe, in Cabo Delgado. Sources told “Carta” that two of the three victims were attacked throughout the week when they were making charcoal, in a forest. “The two men were together when they were preparing charcoal and suddenly the two buffaloes appeared and attacked fatally,” said Suema Bacar, a resident of Nangumi village, which also hosts several families displaced by the terrorist attacks. According to sources, the other victim, the third, resident in the village of Natocua, was found in a cashew grove collecting nuts and was later attacked by the animals. As a result, in recent days, the population has been afraid to go to their farms. “The population doesn’t go to the farm for fear of elephants. What happens is that, when the animal sees a person, it runs to attack and people are very worried. The information was reported to the authorities and we don’t know what they are doing , but this is our reality”. A source from the Ancuabe District Economic Activities Service said that the buffalo attack is known to the authorities, adding that one of them was shot by security agents from a company that operates in the Saláue town headquarters. The source added that the origin of the animals is still unknown, but it is suspected that they left the Quirimbas National Park. The Ancuabe district borders Metuge and part of it is within that conservation area. (Letter) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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