In the 50-54kg category, Bagão will face Kenyan Ann Maithori, when it is 2:30 pm in Maputo, dictated the draw held yesterday in that Asian country. On Saturday, Benilde Macaringue, under 52-54kg, will fight Karina Tazebekova, from Russia. In turn, the stars Alcinda Panguana and Rady Gramane will be on the scene starting next Monday, playing in the event from the round of 16. Alcinda, vice-champion of the world in the 66-70kg category, will measure forces with Regina Lakos, from Hungary, and Gramane in the 70-75kg, bronze medalist in the last “Mundial”, will wait for her opponent who will leave the fight between the Vietnamese Quynh Luu Diem and Sokhiba Ruzmetova, from Uzbekistan. It should be noted that eleven countries decided to boycott the Women’s Boxing World Cup in protest against the participation of boxers from Russia and Belarus. Russia’s aggression against the neighboring country, they are Canada, the Czech Republic, England, the Republic of Ireland, Holland, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United States.

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