Four round wood containers, monzo and chacate species, were ready to be exported to the People’s Republic of China, through the Port of Nacala, Nampula province, however, the process it will have been aborted by the customs authorities. According to the sources, the wood came from the province of Zambézia and belonged to an exporter, named Bajone. The export process, the sources reveal, was handled by senior officials of the Zambézia Provincial Forestry Services. In the documentation, they guaranteed that the wood had been processed, however, after opening the containers, it was discovered that it was nothing but a lie. Without revealing names and their respective positions, the sources assure that the aforementioned employees of the Provincial Forestry Services of Zambézia are detained. It should be noted that this is not the first timber seizure to take place this year at the Port of Nacala. On June 11th, five containers of illegal wood were seized, when they were also ready to be exported. In the meantime…   In Sofala province, police authorities seized three trucks also loaded with round wood of the monzo and chacate species, illegally shot down in Manica province. The Director of the District Service for Economic Activities of Caia, Tiago Tomás, revealed that the case was denounced by citizens. (Omardine Omar) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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