A press release sent to the Maputo newspaper indicates that the operation, which took place with the support of the Police of the Republic, at the local level, aimed, among the objectives, national and foreign vehicles that circulate without their owners having complied with the legal precepts in their importation. For the seizure of the vehicles mentioned above, the causes are the violation of the temporary importation regulation, driving by unauthorized third parties, among others. customs infractions. With the seizure of these vehicles, it is estimated to recover for the State coffers around 7 million meticais, of duties and other customs taxes. various goods, with emphasis on 73 vehicles, air conditioners and wood. If, on the one hand, the attempt at fraudulent export, using false declarations, contributed to the seizure of wood, on the other hand, under-invoicing, chassis tampering, cloning or duplication of license plates are the reasons given for the seizure of retro vehicles mentioned. In the case of these goods, the global customs value is around 70 million meticais and it is expected to fit into the state coffers just over 34 million meticais, of which 11.4 million have already been collected.

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