The town of Macomia, in the province of Cabo Delgado, experienced chaotic moments again this Tuesday, after hundreds of citizens rebelled against the actions of the Armed Defense Forces of Mozambique (FADM), accused of murdering a defenseless citizen in that region of the country, last Monday night.   The chaos, experienced in the early hours of the morning, led to the death of two soldiers and two agents from the Rapid Intervention Unit (UIR), in a scenario that once again characterizes the difficult relationship between the Defense and Security Forces ( FDS) and the populations of areas affected by terrorist attacks.   In a press release issued this Wednesday morning, the General Staff of the FADM states that the individual was murdered by members of his force’s patrol, after being asked to carry “an empty container of machine gun ammunition, the which raised great suspicions about his true intentions”.   “When asked by members of the joint patrol about the origin of the box, the individual immediately fled, with the patrol members unsuccessfully firing several warning shots and in an attempt to neutralize him, the individual was shot. fatally”, narrate the FADM, without however explaining the reasons that led the troops to shoot, instead of chasing the suspect. The incident occurred at around 8:30 pm, a mandatory collection period, imposed by the FDS, in Macomia and other areas severely affected by terrorist attacks.   In the press release sent to the media, the FADM do not give any details about the chaos experienced yesterday in Macomia, they only argue that the “incident [the murder of the alleged terrorist]” will be “rigorously investigated to ensure that all security measures taken were justified and necessary”.   The Armed Forces argue that the security measures established, including the mandatory curfew, “are crucial to prevent the terrorist threat and guarantee the safety of everyone in that region of the province of Cabo Delgado”.   It should be noted that this is the first case of confrontation between the FADM and the population, due to the alleged poor performance of Mozambican troops, who since 2019 have been accused of excesses in areas affected by terrorist attacks.   In fact, less than two weeks ago, the population of that district town accused agents of the UIR (Anti-Riot Police) and members of the FADM of persecuting civilians and collaborating with terrorists, with emphasis on extortion and acts of sexual rape. The acts were never commented on, much less repudiated by the Government. (Letter) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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