The Minister of State Administration and Public Service says that it is unacceptable for inspectors to wait for a complaint to act, especially in public institutions where they work.Ana Comoana recognized that there are good inspectors, but there are unacceptable problems in the class.”It is not understandable, inspectors, that situations that constitute reprehensible practices occur systematically, in sectors or institutions where we have inspectors as scouts and who, very often, are themselves surprised by reports of third parties, making it clear that instead of acting, they react, and that cannot be”, he said. For Comoana, the impression one gets is that some are waiting for general inspections to act, which cannot happen, after all More than reacting, its function is to prevent illegal acts. According to the minister, this mission, of being an inspector, is not for the fearful, timid, or those who are afraid. “Inspection is an oath”, he said, and then mentioned that to be an inspector, actors must pass an oath, as a way of ensuring that the service to the public is of quality. The governor was speaking this Thursday, during the opening of the 18th Council of General Inspectors, lasting two days, in the City of Maputo.”It is our expectation that this will not be another meeting or another council, but a space for sharing knowledge and commitments for more effective action and more active.” The meeting is attended by the Ombudsman, who pointed out corruption as one of the ills of the public sector and said that the solution will not come from legal instruments, but from behavior, starting with that of inspectors.” If the inspector himself becomes involved in acts of corruption, he is, in some way, betraying the commitment and trust that his leaders have placed in him. It is expected that the inspector, in any area, will be the mirror of the State, through his conduct, for his relationship with employees and for his integrity”, recommended Isaque Chande. The XVIII Council of Inspectors General takes place in a week in which the International Day to Combat Corruption is celebrated, and, at this moment, Mozambique is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, ranking 26th among the 180 countries evaluated by the Corruption Perception Index for 2022. Source:O País

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