The President of the Mozambique Chamber of Commerce (CCM), Álvaro Massingue, recently elected, condemns the manifestation of organized crime carried out by unscrupulous people motivated by criminal greed of easy life and illicit enrichment. In his opinion, the kidnapping of entrepreneurs threatens the business environment. “It will be part of our agenda, in the quadrennium 2021-2025, as a priority, the advocacy for a society where doing business is not dangerous, where the investor and the economic agent enjoy necessary protection for the development of their business activities. We count on all actors in our society (politicians, government officials, businessmen, civil society and all social strata) in the repudiation and fight against this evil”, said Massingue. Álvaro Massingue expressed this repudiation on the sidelines of the First Consultative Council of the Mozambique Chamber of Commerce (CCM), held on Tuesday, in Maputo City, an event that served to draw lines that aim to materialize the commitment assumed with the national business community, to build a Sustainable, fortified, open and inclusive Chamber. “We want to transform our presidency into a sign of hope and a guarantee that we will not lack support in this challenge. single thread of facing and accepting the adversity of our thinking as an inevitable path to guarantee the present and future of our companies and their development in a favorable political and economic environment”, stressed Massingue. , the emphasis is on the need to equip the institution with the human capacity to respond to the challenges of the strategic plan and ensure institutional sustainability. Source:O País

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