The abduction, yesterday, around 6 pm, of the Mozambican citizen Ahmed Anwar, owner of the Hotel Royal, took place near his home in Sommershield II, Polana-caniço, in Maputo, more specifically in the vicinity of the official residence of the General Commander of the Police, found “Carta”. Anwar was returning from a mosque when he was intercepted by his captors. His house is located between the official residences of the General Commander of the Police and the General Director of SISE. The neighborhood is surrounded by police and SISE agents, in addition to private guards. Just when you think it’s being fought, the kidnapping industry comes back to give its vital signs. It is said that, in recent days, witnesses have noticed the presence of strange people in the vicinity, suspecting agents of the so-called Rapid Intervention Unit, the shock arm of the Mozambican police force (UIR), which is also responsible for the protection of high-ranking individuals. of State. In February, the Attorney General’s Office confirmed, in a press release, the involvement of agents from the National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC) in the kidnapping industry in Mozambique. Some members of the police gangs have been in preventive detention since April 2021.   A source of police “intelligence” told “Carta” that, with the dismantling of networks within SERNIC, kidnappings and “death squads” passed controlled and orchestrated from new networks located within the UIR. A recent public proof was the revelation of the involvement of the UIR Reconnaissance Chief in the city of Maputo, Lenine Macamo, who led a gang that had set up a scheme to kill Nini Satar within the BO. Macamo is a fugitive from this April. Ahmed Anwar is just over 60 years old. (Letter) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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