Reflecting this afternoon on the theme “Agricultural financial instruments”, in the third edition of Mozgrow, Gildo Lucas, producer and specialist in finance, José Sousa Pinto, representative of the Corporate Business Department of BCI, Júlio Rafael, Director of Advisory and Financial Structuring of BNI and Cremildo Maculuve, agricultural producer, concluded that there was a reduction in financing for agriculture in recent years. In search of solutions, the speakers pointed to the involvement of State and agricultural insurance as some of the instruments to overcome the situation. “There needs to be a comprehensive policy that allows for co-participation between the central and local governments, in mitigating the risk. Only in this way will insurance companies show their willingness to join this business. Farmers are not in a position to pay a very high premium. to make the business attractive,” said Lucas. However, Cremildo Maculuve understands that it is necessary to carry out a holistic analysis that takes into account the entire value chain. “It is true that, in countries where agriculture is successful, there is guarantee of agricultural insurance. Risks exist in all sectors. So it’s time to stop bemoaning the risks and start thinking about solutions. And, for me, one of the solutions is to look at the entire value chain and then introduce insurance, because, despite the limitations, we already have some agricultural production, even without insurance. Only in this way will agriculture cease to be a poor relation, in comparison with other sectors of activity”, said Maculuve. In turn, the BCI spoke of its availability to finance agriculture, despite knowing that it is an activity full of risks .”It is necessary to register farmers to organize them so that they can benefit from existing lines of credit. We have nuclei of dispersed farmers that we need to organize. The insurance can help people to get more involved in agriculture and bring to the bank the guarantee of risk coverage,” said José Sousa Pinto. The BNI says that it is not receiving enough money for what is the volume of the needs. of development areas in the country, meanwhile seeks to “mobilize national and international partners so that there is financing for agricultural activity”. “The family farming projects need to be transformed to generate profits. And this transformation is done through technical assistance, so that they become commercial farmers. Insurance is important, but it doesn’t solve the problem,” said Júlio Rafael. Source: O País

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