After the stormy week in the field of ball to basket, in which the Mozambican Federation had announced that for lack of money and for sporting reasons, the country would not participate in the continental race. A day later, the Government, through the Secretary of State for Sport, undertook to pay the costs of selecting us all. Nasir Salé, who has been working with his team since Saturday, aware of the short time left for the start of the competition, said that he is doing everything to bring out the best in the athletes. defensive, looking at the tacit processes and at the dynamics of the other players who will be our opponents. At this moment, we want to understand from the athletes, to what extent the lack of preparation can affect their performance” began by saying. Further on, Salé adds that: “We are fortunate that a large number of athletes have been working at clubs, which complements the work of the national team (…) With the players we have, we wash a certain advantage because they have already worked with me, in clubs as well as in national teams, with the exception of Carla Pinto who comes from A politécnica and Sílvia Veloso who stayed with me for three years in Beira, before going to the United States. Mozambique selection in the Afrobasket”. He said. Already the captain of the national team, Odélia Mafanela says that the team is excited and motivated to represent the country with dignity. “The group is motivated and cohesive. They are also aware of our adversities in the championship. The integration of our athletes is good, this will add more value to the selection. Even knowing that the training would not take place on the scheduled dates, we were in contact and in preparation in our clubs. What remains now is to fix the tactical aspects” ramatou. Nigeria and Angola are in the same group as Mozambique, and in the first round the national team will face the Nigerians.

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