Afonso Miquichone was presented this Thursday, by the Commander-General of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM), Bernardino Rafael, as the new Commander of the corporation at the level of the province of Maputo . Miquichone commanded the Coastal Police and replaced Inácio Dina, who was exonerated after riots at the sugar factory in Xinavane that culminated in the vandalization of various infrastructures including the police station. In the meantime, Inácio Dina takes over the direction of the School of Special and Reserve Forces, in the Macandzene area, administrative post of Maluana, Manhiça district, also in Maputo province. During Afonso Miquichone’s presentation, the Commander-General of the PRM stressed that the disturbances were triggered by the riots that took place in Xinavane, last February. On the occasion, Bernardino Rafael congratulated the corporation he directs for having managed to clarify 86 percent of the crimes in the first quarter of 2022, regretting, however, the fact that there are still five victims of captive kidnappings, out of the six who were kidnapped. (Marta Afonso) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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