In March of this year, a large fire completely destroyed about four hundred stalls inside Mercado 1 de Maio, in Tete province,  the flames consumed most of it products. Since then, most victims have gone through situations of regret, for lack of money to continue their business. Meanwhile, the few vendors, who managed to recover part of the goods, have already returned to the place and are carrying out activities in improvised stalls in the same market. They say that, despite the effort, the way the activities have been carried out is not comfortable. “My stand was destroyed by the fire and, at the moment, I am selling my products in improvised places, to be able to support myself and my family,” said Isac Cachingue, a seller at Mercado 1 de Maio. Another seller, named Paciência Mário Joia, who also had part of the products consumed by the flames, says it’s difficult to do business in the market’s conditions. “I’m doing my business in this makeshift stand, just to get money, because I have unpaid bills and my studies”, said Paciência Joia. The sellers, who made food inside the market, are also facing the same difficulties. They prepare food in their own homes, while they wait for the allocation of new stalls. “The council guided us to cook in our houses while the construction and rehabilitation works of the market are underway,” said Dinha Jaime, who was seconded by Amélia Jorge: “the situation of having to cook food at home and carry pots to the market every day is being tiring.” construction works for one hundred and fifty new stalls, to be delivered within twenty-one days, to an equal number of sellers. and one day, as soon as the works are concluded. The remaining sellers will be allocated in other markets in the city of Tete”.Source:O País

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