About 12 thousand workers in the tourism sector are still unemployed, since they lost their contracts due to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, only 6,000 out of a total of 18,000 have managed to be replaced in the labor market. The tourism sector in the country has about 69,000 workers, of which 18,000 were without monthly income. For Cândido Langa, National Director of Tourism, the hope is that in the coming months, the remaining 12 thousand will be reinstated. “The six thousand workers were reinstated as the Government relaxed the restrictive measures, this in the context of the State of Calamity” , said Cândido Langa. The National Investment Bank (BNI) made available a fund of 1.6 billion meticais to help companies face the pandemic. However, of the approximately six thousand tourist institutions existing in the country, only 17 benefited from the emergency credit line under the COVID-19 pandemic. Support for the tourism sector was nine percent of the fund. “It must be stressed that, even if it were to double the amount made available to the tourism sector, by itself, it would not be enough to meet the needs of companies in the sector. “, said the National Director of Tourism, stressing that there are tourist units that would need, each, 10 million dollars to recover from the crisis. According to Cândido Langa, COVID-19 also caused a reduction in the entrance of tourists by about 53 percent over the past year. In other words, only 958,000 tourists entered the country, compared to two million in 2019. In terms of revenue, the country obtained 65 million dollars in international tourism in 2020, against 173 million collected in the previous year. Thus, the drop was 62 percent. Domestic tourism also did not escape the negative impacts of COVID-19, in which there was a 33 percent decline in revenues in 2020. About the first five months of this year, our source said it is still premature to assess how the tourist environment is behaving. However, the expectation is that the scenario will improve, especially with the reopening of beaches, casinos, swimming pools, among other entertainment spaces. Source:O País

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