Last Friday, the host village of Macomia district, Cabo Delgado province, marked the passage of the first year after the terrorist attack verified on May 28, 2020, having caused thousands of displaced people, in addition to the destruction of various public and private infrastructures. However, unlike the rest of the villages, Macomia had signs of life again, with the return of a large part of the local population, after the Defense and Security Forces (SDS) reestablished “tranquility”. However, not even the “shutting down” of weapons in that village brought peace and tranquility to the lives of citizens, who a year ago are looking for answers on how to rebuild everything they had built for several years and which was destroyed in just three days. Macomia was one of the largest commercial centers in the province of Cabo Delgado, however, this status was lost due to the terrorist attacks and the taking of the main town in the district of Mocímboa da Praia and the consequent blockade of the National Road N380. Some citizens who spoke to our report underline that there is still no basic service in that host village, with an emphasis on health services. Faque Chabane, 38 years old and father of five children, points out the lack, for example, of a maternity hospital and the absence of the State to provide health services. He says that the current services are provided by Doctors Without Borders. “We have to go to Ancuabe, Metoro or even Pemba, to have tests, if there is a need to take any test recommended by Doctors Without Borders,” said the source, stressing that there is no money to cover the expenses, starting with transport. Fátima Arlindo, a resident of the Napulubo neighborhood, says that the lack of a commercial bank makes life difficult for her and her mother, who is a pensioner, as she must travel monthly to the villages of Ancuabe or Chiúre to take the money, which it decreases the family’s purchasing power due to transportation costs. Remember that during the terrorist attack, insurgents destroyed several houses, burned banks, the PRM District Command, the District Government building and other public and private infrastructure. The humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières had suspended its activities after the destruction of the Macomia Health Center, however, it will have resumed after ensuring safety. At the moment, the organization provides primary health care. Teaching has resumed in some schools, however, the climate of insecurity continues to hover among teachers. In fact, the orders, in Macomia, are that people do not circulate in places far from the village. Like the other districts, Macomia also remains on the alert for a possible terrorist attack. (Letter) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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