A member of the Armed Forces for the Defense of Mozambique (FADM) assigned to the 4th Infantry Brigade in the city of Chimoio, Manica province, lost his life last Thursday, drowning victim . According to the sources, the victim, named Daniel Bernardo Cadeado, had fallen into the Mwenezi River, when he was returning home, after another drinking session. The sources assure that the deceased, after each working day, devoted himself to the consumption of home-made alcoholic beverages. In the “Letter”, the Secretary of the Centro Hípico neighborhood in the city of Chimoio, Bernardo Fainde, stated that the victim always returned from work in the dead of night in an advanced state of intoxication. The body was removed from the scene by agents of the National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC). It should be noted that, last Saturday, FADM members, fully uniformed and armed, were detained by the Police in the city of Pemba, Cabo Delgado province, drinking alcoholic beverages in the dead of night, violating the prevention measures against Covid-19 . (O.O.) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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