The price of diesel increased by around 26 Meticais from January to July this year. In the same period, the tariff for passenger transport in Maputo City remained unchanged. On the 2nd of January, the new transport tariff came into force in Maputo City. For distances of less than 10 kilometres, the price was changed to 12 Meticais and, for longer distances, to 15 Meticais. Since then, the price of transport in the country’s capital has not changed. However, during the same period, that is, from January to June of this year, fuel prices were changed three times: in March, May and the last one in July. For example, diesel that was sold in January at 61.71 Meticais, in March rose 9.26 Meticais, costing 70.97 Meticais. In May, the price of diesel increased again, this time by eight Meticais, and was sold at 78.97 Meticais. Two more months passed, and the price of diesel increased again by nine Meticais, costing, since the 2nd of July last, 87.97 Meticais. the price of diesel, which is the fuel used in most passenger transport, in Maputo City, started to cost 26 Meticais more expensive, although the transport tariff is the same practiced since the beginning of this year. only on diesel. The liter of gasoline that was sold at 69.04 Meticais, in January, is currently sold at 86.97 Meticais, an increase in the price, per liter, of 17.93 Meticais. 32.69 Meticais in January, it is already sold at 43.73 Meticais, the equivalent of 11 Meticais more. The 11-kilogram bottle of cooking gas, which was sold at around 780 Meticais, currently costs 1122.22 Meticais, an increase of 341 Meticais. All these expenses weigh more heavily on the accounts of families and companies.Source:O País

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