By: Belchior Eduardo – Someone help me here, the computer has shut down. Zezinho pleaded with a deafening voice. – Unplug it and put it back on and do a restart. A voice answered him. Having done it, Zezinho was nervous, excited and coated with anxiety for a sudden change of life. He was sweating, repairing corners, and often touching his head and frizzy hair. The computer there opened. He connected to the internet and went to gmail to check a new message in his inbox. – I kept the money in the bank in Ghana, where I have a friend willing to help with whatever is necessary for the disbursement of the amount. TT answered on the other side. – Banking and monetary policy in my country does not facilitate the peaceful people, we are even extorted by the banks. Zezinho replied. At that same moment, there was silence between them and, a short time later, TT replied: – I am aware of that, about your monetary and banking policy in Africa, we will do everything in part. Having said that, Zezinho was asked a question that I could have done it a long time ago.– How much is the same amount in which you refer?About 5 minutes without an answer from TT and, at that same moment, he replied: – That’s 12 million US dollars. Zezinho was stunned for more than 10 minutes.This value seems negligible when it comes to building social infrastructure, implementing programs aimed at women and the elderly, orphaned children and other “fragile” layers of society, but for me, 40 percent of this amount in my pockets would change completely my life, I won’t need to wake up very early this winter with goose bumps to go to work – Zezinho thought. TT and assured him that the amount would be reflected in his account in 73 hours. So he waited. A commercial bank called Zezinho telling him that the amount corresponding to 12 million was reflected in his account, transferred from a bank in Ghana. The satisfaction was so much. That day, he fell asleep thinking so much about an imagination of mayonnaise in his future bright life. He informed TT that he received the amount. The next day, he heard his door in a threatening license from someone who was perhaps nervous, and a little worried, Zezinho went and opened it: – Good morning, sorry for the procedure and for interrupting your sleep. de Zezinho took care of him, seeing at that moment who was talking to him: the police. – He is arrested for monetary fraud, firearms trafficking, monetary forgery and attack on humanity. Zezinho remained motionless, unable to do anything. Source: O País

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