The 10th and 12th Grade exams will start all over the country tomorrow. There are less than 24 hours before the start of the evaluations, some copies are already circulating on social networks. The documents have been circulating for two days now. At first glance they look authentic, in the header there is a symbol of COVID-19, the emblem of the Republic of Mozambique, the name of the institutions responsible for the exams (Ministry of Education and Human Development, National Council of Examinations, Certification and Equivalences, respectively), the discipline to which the exam corresponds and the year, which is 2021. Data that confuse and draw attention to any candidate for the final exams in General Secondary Education. corrections, with prices that vary from seller to seller and others that are found free of charge, on some facebook pages or even on whatsapp. The Ministry of Education also had access to them and assured “O País” that they are fake “We would like to say that they are not true, they are not 2021 exams” assured Gina Guibunda, MINEDH spokesperson, before lamenting that “Unfortunately, some people in bad faith are circulating these exams.”According to Guibunda, the exams in circulation are from past years, what happened is that the offenders only changed the year. Their provenance is still unknown, but the spokesperson assures that the real ones are kept safely.” The exams are already in the provinces, the provinces have already started with the distribution and are safe to be able to carry out the control. , we mean that the exam is a normal assessment like the others and students should keep that in mind, but the difference is that this is a final exam.” The Ministry of Education urges students to focus on what they have studied throughout the year and not divert their attention to the documents in circulation, because they will be wasting time. A total of 562,238 students will be examined, with 360,765 from the 10th grade and 201,473 from the 12th grade.

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